Best South Indian Dish from Veg Caters in Singapore

Are you seeking an exceptional catering team offering affordable and top-quality vegetarian cuisine? That is our Anjappar Chettinadu Hotel. We cater weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, housewarmings, theme parties, private parties, outdoor catering, and more. Celebrate your divine moments with our restaurant dishes. With a special vegetarian menu for temple functions, we enchant. Delight in the flavors, savor the divine cuisine we create and let us be your choice for a heavenly plate. We also offer both our vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services. We know that food is the most essential thing in any event. Our chefs are renowned for their culinary skills. We cater to a wide range of palates, from South Indian traditional dishes to the rich tapestry of North Indian cuisine. We handle orders for small and large events. We take pride in providing an unforgettable dining experience for your wedding and family celebrations. Contact us for a wide variety of tasty veg dishes for your occasion.


The speciality of Anjappar Chettinadu Hotel in Singapore

  • Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant can cater to 100 tables of guests with vegetarian food and banquet services in the race course branch in Singapore.
  • The restaurant has 19 years of experience providing personalized buffets in its racing track dining area in Singapore.
  • Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant also provides banquet boxes for all events and can create unique menus for weddings and other special occasions.
  • The restaurant also provides   outdoor catering banquet services   for large and small events.
  • With considerable experience setting up catering services for homes, offices, function spaces, and religious gatherings, you may enjoy hassle-free vegetarian catering.

Why Anjappar Vegetarian Catering Service in Singapore

Highly Experienced

With over 59 years of expertise in Veg Restaurant, we offer affordable vegetarian catering services in Singapore while ensuring outstanding food and service.

Variety Of Vegetarian

Our vegetarian catering menu includes various cuisines, including South Indian choices upon request. We cater to both meat eaters and vegetarians in Singapore.

Veg Catering For
Various Events

We cater for various events, including business functions, weddings, housewarming parties, and baby showers, providing appropriate menus and food ideas for all attendees.

Bento Boxes for Events

With our configurable bento box option for all occasions, you can celebrate and dine with friends and family over delicious vegetarian delights.

Delicious mixed vegetable omlette on top of dosa served in banana leaf with three chutneys & sambar

Our Veg Menu

Do You Have Any Question Please?

  • Our vegetarian catering services are available for diverse events, including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and housewarming parties, among others.

  • We provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services, ensuring we meet diverse culinary preferences.

  • We pride ourselves on 18 years of experience, preparing all dishes in-house with a focus on quality and hygienic ingredients, making your dining experience exceptional.

  • Anjappar Chetinadu Restaurant in Singapore offers vegetarian food and banquet services and has 19 years of experience. We provide personalized buffets, banquet boxes, and unique menus for special occasions, including outdoor catering services.

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