Best Indian Restaurant In Singapore

Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant is one of the top-rated restaurants in Singapore, with 5 branches. If you plan to enjoy the weekend or holidays with your friends or family, here is the right place to plan. We have all kinds of delicious soups available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. We serve North Indian curries and South Indian dishes like parotta and chapati. If you're a food enthusiast or want to try new Indian cuisines, our North Indian and South Indian dishes are a must-try. We promise it will offer you a unique dining experience, and we invite you to create incredible dining memories in our Restaurant.

Our Restaurant is conveniently located in Singapore Airport Terminal 1, Race Course Road, Syed Alwi Road, Westgate Shopping Mall,04-08, 3 Gateway Drive Singapore, and Changi Business Park Central 2, making it a perfect spot for tourists and locals. Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant also provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering for business events, weddings, housewarming, birthday parties and other special occasions.


Why Anjappar Restaurant is the best fine-dining Restaurant in Singapore

  • The dining room has a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, with finely furnished furnishings and gentle, intimate lighting, making it great for memorable events or romantic dinners.
  • The chefs at Anjappar use fresh and handmade ingredients and attentively prepare each dish, resulting in delicate, layered flavours and perfect presentation.
  • The staff at Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant is attentive, knowledgeable, and eager to provide proposals, providing a wonderful dining experience.
  • Anjappar Restaurant in Singapore provides a unique dining experience with great food, service, and an inviting atmosphere.

Unique Dining Experiences

The cornerstone of Anjapppar Hotels is a compelling blend of luxury and responsible practices. As a result, the Food and Beverage efforts advocated here work toward attaining harmony with the environment and society.

Cuisine variety

Our menu features South Indian dishes to bring to life the concept of comfort food and familiar tastes.

India's Kitchens

A well-executed corporate initiative to provide traditional Indian cuisines to the world via traditional food

The One-Bite Wonder

An effort to satisfy our customers with bite-sized culinary options that are thoughtfully prepared and bursting with flavor.

Meets Alert

A chosen buffet offering nutritious and hearty options to enhance mindfulness and attention during meetings and conferences.


Our Dining Menu

  • Egg

Do You Have Any Question Please?

  • We serve a delightful mix of North and south indian cuisine, offering various delicious dishes.

  • Yes, we offer a range of vegetarian dishes on our menu, ensuring there are best choices for everyone.

  • Indeed, you can reserve a table for special events like birthdays or anniversaries, creating a wonderful dining experience for you and your guests.

  • Some popular Indian dishes that you can find in our Restaurant include chicken tikka masala. Butter chicken, tandoori chicken, naan, basmati rice biriyani. South Indian dishes like idly, dosa, sambar, vada, Pongal, payasam, etc.

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