Celebrate your birthday with Anjappar Caters in Singapore

Customer service is essential to Anjappar Catering Services, and being the top birthday party catering service in Singapore, we always keep it in mind. From children to adults, we have a variety of food arrangements to make everyone feel more memorable at your gatherings. At our catering service, we offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to make your birthday truly special. Let us be a part of your day, and together, we can create beautiful and lasting memories through our delectable food, making your birthday a truly unforgettable event.

If you plan a Birthday Party, Anjappar Catering will ensure your cuisine dishes are served with love, flair, and originality. Our well-experienced staff members are constantly diligent, but when it comes to Birthday Party Catering, we guarantee they will also turn to amicable places in a spirited and fun-loving environment. We have a banquet hall in our race-course restaurant, and if needed, you can book our boutique hall with a buffet system for your party.

Two bowls of tasty ice cream topped with chocolate sauce & orange wafers with two wooden spoons
A bowl of dessert topped with rose petals,accompanied with a bowl of raspberries and lovely roses.
Two chicken pieces on a plate garnished with lettuce,lemon & onion slices with water and spoons

Do You Have Any Question Please?

  • Yes, we provide the flexibility for choosing your menu, ensuring that the food perfectly suits your birthday celebration.

  • We offer a range of options, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, making your birthday feast truly special.

  • We use only fresh and hygienic ingredients for our dishes. We ensure that our foods are safe for you and your guests.

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