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A unique occasion necessitates a particular location. And the banquet and meeting halls at Anjappar Restaurant have what you're looking for! The small and stunning banquet halls are excellent for various events such as conferences, business meetings, cultural events, and parties.

Our cooking team uses only the freshest and most handmade ingredients to ensure every dish is delicious. Our chefs are not just good at cooking; they have much experience and put their heart into every word. Our banquet hall is always well-kept to give you and your guests a welcoming atmosphere. So, whether you're enjoying our tasty food in the restaurant or having a party in our fancy banquet hall, your time at Anjappar Restaurant will be a great experience. Your happiness is the most important thing for us, and we can't wait to serve you and make your special moments unique. Let us be a part of your day, and together, we can create beautiful memories with our delicious food, making your birthday genuinely unforgettable.

A banquet hall decorated for a wedding ceremony with a vibrant backdrop and peacock decorations.
A banquet hall with elegant seating arrangements and space for the buffet, lighting, and stage.
A banquet hall featuring suitable seating arrangements is a venue for meetings and celebrations.

Reasons to rent Bantique Hall from Anjappar Restaurant

  • The Boutique Hall has a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, with finely furnished furnishings and gentle, intimate lighting, making it great for memorable events or romantic dinners.
  • The chefs at Anjappar use fresh and handmade ingredients and attentively prepare veg and non-veg dishes, resulting in delicate, layered flavors and perfect presentation.
  • The staff at Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant is attentive, knowledgeable, and eager to provide proposals, providing a wonderful dining experience.
  • Anjappar Restaurant in Singapore provides a unique dining experience with great food,service, and an inviting atmosphere.

Why choose Anjappar Banquet Hall for your events?

Cuisine variety

Our menu features South Indian veg and non-veg dishes to bring to life the concept of comfort food and familiar tastes.

For all events

Our banquet halls are available for corporate parties, birthday celebrations, and soon, with a free buffet system.


Our Banquet halls often provide a variety of amenities and services that can help you plan your event easily.


Our banquet hall is highly flexible and can be customized to meet any theme or style.

A bowl full of delicious chicken biriyani with one leg piece, fried onions, raita, egg, and gravy

Do You Have Any Question Please?

  • The banquet hall in the race course location can accommodate corporate events, including live concerts, workshops, business meetings, and private events like birthday parties and weddings!

  • At Anjappar Restaurant, we understand that each individual has unique dietary requirements and preferences. No matter what someone's need or desire may be, our menu is made to accommodate them, whether veg or non-veg.

  • Visit our website to find the banquet hall at Anjappar Restaurant, or call us to check if the date is available or reserved.

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