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Two bowls of sweet dhal payasam made with the ingredients dhal, jaggery, cashew, and cardamom

Veg Catering

Anjappar Restaurant has been offering vegetarian catering for family functions and other events for over 18 years in Singapore.

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A bowl of flavorful spiced mutton biriyani rice with a variety of spices on a blue table

Non Veg Catering

Anjappar Restaurant has proudly served non-vegetarian catering for family functions and events in Singapore for over 19 years.

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On a banana leaf, rice with a savory bowl of curry bursting with rich flavors and aromatic spices


Are you searching for the Best Restaurant in Singapore or Food Destination nearby in Singapore.

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An amazing spread of Indian cuisine, showcasing savory dishes, aromatic rice, and fiery curries

Bento Box

Anjappar Restaurant's superb, handy bento boxes are now available in 5 Singapore locations! Are you looking for a tasty and convenient meal?

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A dosa with eggs and sauce, sambar, and three kinds of chutney, served on a banana leaf

Outdoor Catering

Anjappar Chettinadu Indian Restaurant creates a unique culinary experience for every event, emphasizing flavor, quality, and presentation.

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A beautifully decorated long table with red chairs and water bottle, ready for an elegant gathering


Welcome to Anjappar Restaurant in Singapore! We have five branches around the city, and we're here to make your special events more special.

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