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Two bowls of sweet dhal payasam made with the ingredients dhal, jaggery, cashew, and cardamom

Veg Catering

Anjappar Restaurant has been offering vegetarian catering for family functions and other events for over 18 years in Singapore.

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A bowl of flavorful spiced mutton biriyani rice with a variety of spices on a blue table

Non Veg Catering

Anjappar Restaurant has proudly served non-vegetarian catering for family functions and events in Singapore for over 19 years.

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On a banana leaf, rice with a savory bowl of curry bursting with rich flavors and aromatic spices


Are you searching for the Best Restaurant in Singapore or Food Destination nearby in Singapore.

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An amazing spread of Indian cuisine, showcasing savory dishes, aromatic rice, and fiery curries

Bento Box

Anjappar Restaurant's superb, handy bento boxes are now available in 5 Singapore locations! Are you looking for a tasty and convenient meal?

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A dosa with eggs and sauce, sambar, and three kinds of chutney, served on a banana leaf

Outdoor Catering

Anjappar Chettinadu Indian Restaurant creates a unique culinary experience for every event, emphasizing flavor, quality, and presentation.

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A beautifully decorated long table with red chairs and water bottle, ready for an elegant gathering


Welcome to Anjappar Restaurant in Singapore! We have five branches around the city, and we're here to make your special events more special.

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About Us

Top South Indian Restaurant in Singapore

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parties-events-img pata

Experience Authentic South Indian Cuisine at Anjappar Chettinadu Family Restaurant. Located on Race Course Road, Anjappar Chettinadu Family Restaurant invites you to savor the authentic flavors of South India in the heart of Singapore. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado of Indian cuisine or a curious first-timer, Anjappar Chettinadu delivers a tantalizing feast that will entice your senses and leave a lasting impression. Here, you'll find a diverse menu that caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tastes, each dish prepared with fresh ingredients to ensure an authentic Indian experience. The dedicated staff at Anjappar Chettinadu ensures that your dining experience is both memorable and satisfying. The restaurant also stands out as a top choice for catering services, adept at handling functions and gatherings of all types, perfectly blending flavor, culture, and comfort.

  • The classic and contemporary menu
  • Both Veg and Non-veg caterers
  • Breakfast and Midnight Delivery
  • Banquet hall for gatherings with buffet system
Working Process

How We Work For Our Customers

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    Meal cooking expertise
  • 2
    Safe Food Handling
  • 3
    Ordering and Delivery
  • 4
    Optimizing Supply Chains and Inventory
Enjoy South Indian Delicacies

Why Choose Anjappar Authentic Chettinad Restaurant?

  • Quality foods from fresh Ingredients

    In our restaurant, we use handmade spices to create top-quality food. When you dine with us, you will get a delightful culinary experience.

  • Budget-friendly meals / Affordable Dining

    We provide delicious dining that's easy on your wallet. Our restaurant serves budget-friendly meals, so you can enjoy good food without spending too much.

  • Both Veg and Non-veg menu

    We are sure there's a tasty option for everyone. We offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu options; you can choose what suits your taste.

  • Excellent customer care

    Satisfied customers do the best advertising. We want every customer to find what they like to eat when they visit us. We take pride in serving you the very best.

  • Inviting atmosphere

    Our restaurant creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where you'll feel at home. The ambiance makes it a great place to dine with family and friends.

  • Fast online delivery services

    We make sure you get your same healthy food quickly through our online services. Just a few clicks away, and your delicious food will be on its way to your door.


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Everything You Need to Know About Our Restaurant. Your Top Questions Answered here. For another search query, contact us.

  • Yes, we have a booking offer for dining at our hotel. You can enjoy special discounts and exclusive deals when you book your table ahead of time.

  • We have all kinds of food done in the best way. South Tamilnadu food is excellent in our restaurant. If you want to eat any food with a fresh taste, then you can try our traditional food.

  • We have a variety of tasty non-vegetarian dishes that are certified as halal for those who follow halal dietary guidelines. Enjoy our delicious halal options that are prepared with care and in compliance with halal rules

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